Jiangsu Gaode Hydraulic Machinery LTD
Add.: Jiangsu Province, China


Throughout the years, our company has always tried to obtain the best in customer service. The most two primary principles that we stick with are that always pushing for better service and maximizing customers' interests.

Additionally, we cherish customers’ feedbacks because we know they are the pavements leading to excellence. We collect and analyze so as to make timely and necessary improvements to our existing scrap metal baler, scrap shear, and other styles of recycling machines.

1. Pre-sales service
We utilize Internet to show customers our office buildings and plants. Through pictures and videos, clients can be aware of basic information about our company and products.

If customers want to pay a visit to our company for inspection, we will send exclusive staff to offer assistance. Under the help of 3D analog video and professional illustrations, customers will be given intuitive awareness of our production process and manufacture equipment.

2. Purchase service
Our strength lies in the comprehensive understanding of customers' needs. Based on deep communication with clients, we obtain their requirements on scrap recycling machines. Then we start to design models that show the best in terms of practice, cost effectiveness and reliability. We are committed to making sure that these models are specific to desirable performance.

After the confirmation of models, we will make necessary arrangements on production so as to meet the delivery cycle. Additionally, sufficient spare parts are offered for free and delivered with the products together to customers.

3. After-sales service
We have a outstanding team for after-sales service. They have accomplished installation and commissioning for thousands of our equipment sold home and abroad. Moreover, they also offer training service to our clients, so as to enhance user experience.

They also pay return visits at irregular intervals, providing timely troubleshooting and technology expertise, ensuring stable performance of our products.

4. Other service
Grounded on efficient supply system, we meet customers' needs for spare parts in a fast manner. As a result, customers' interests are maximized.

Additionally, we provide user manual which consists of detailed illustration of our machines. Therefore, users benefit from better understanding of machines and operation experience.