Jiangsu Gaode Hydraulic Machinery LTD
Add.: Jiangsu Province, China


Ten years is a quite long yet pretty short period of time. We have been in scrap handling equipment and waste recycling equipment industry for over a decade. Looking back to the very beginning, we are proud of what have been achieved and are ready for the next ten glorious years.

In February 2003, by the name of Shan'guan Huacheng Hydraulic Machinery we started our business in a 500 square meters rented plant. At the beginning of 2004, we had our own plant occupying 1000 square meters! Since then, our efforts have been firmly emphasized on equipment improvement and plant enlargement. In May 2007, due to extensive business volume, our company became a general taxpayer, and company name was changed into Gaode Hydraulic Machinery.

Currently, we have a brand new plant located in Industrial Zone, and our staff number has been increased from 8 to 85, wherein 10% are technicians. Our reputation has been built on innovation and new product development, because we have been conducting independent research and development rather than imitation. A wide range of patents is successfully applied for our scrap metal machines and other waste handling equipment, and stable partnerships are maintained with several dealers in different countries.

Dedicated to customer satisfaction and better service, we are equipped with our own enterprise culture and outstanding employees that have been and still will guide us to a promising future!