Jiangsu Gaode Hydraulic Machinery LTD
Add.: Jiangsu Province, China

Customer Cases

1. Brazilian customer (Purchased shear baler)

They are mainly engaged in sales of recycling equipment. In order to cater to the increasing requirements on machine appearance, performance and quality, they have been constantly looking for the right supplier with acceptable price and delivery cycle. However, they ended up with failure.

After several changes of suppliers, they finally found us. We cooperated deeply with them to get the integrated understanding of their needs, on the basis of which several customized models were developed, including HBS heavy duty shear baler applicable for container shipment.

They were highly satisfied with the excellence in terms of appearance, quality and control. As a result, a pleasant partnership has been maintained since 2011, and currently we are negotiating the issue of sales agent in Brazilian market.

2. Angolan customer (Purchased mobile scrap baler)

The customer from Angola found us via Internet. Before that, they have had some Chinese suppliers of waste processing equipment. However, the low production capacity and mobility were still remained as the annoying problems.

So we offered them a well conceived plan to fit their specific needs. We designed our baling machine on the basis of their requirements and market needs. What’s more, the product was highly distinguished by beautiful shape, durable engine and better user experience. After several trial orders, they finally put their trust in us.