Jiangsu Gaode Hydraulic Machinery LTD
Add.: Jiangsu Province, China

Why Us

1. Prominent development ability
We are proud of our strong technology team. This team consists of 5 people, wherein two are senior engineers with 15-year experience in manufacture of recycling equipment and the rest three are assistant engineers with 6 years of industrial experience. They endeavor to cater to discerning requirements from customers all over the world. Therefore, our company stands out in terms of innovation and efficiency.

As a dedicated metal recycling solutions provider, we have developed several new technologies and dozens of new products to meet the increasing market demands. Moreover, we have obtained patents for utility model of HBS shear baler, container type scrap shear and trailer-mounted scrap baler, as well as patent for invention of trailer-mounted scrap metal baler. These technological strengths have already transformed by us into superior productivity.

2. Sincere service
Our employees are highly dedicated to customer satisfaction, helping us to remain the most reliable company in the field.

There are 10 versatile technicians to offer timely troubleshooting and assist salesmen to pinpoint optimal solutions. 8 salesmen are assigned for overseas markets. They mainly cater to our foreign customers and help them purchase suitable Gaode equipment. In addition, we have 15 employees engaged in after-sales services, so that our clients are benefiting from fast response, technology expertise and efficient solution.

3. Up-to-date manufacture technology
Technology is productivity, and is imbedded into every facet of our action. We are devoted to keeping our production process and inspection system in high conformance with the newest technology and international standards. Furthermore, we have all of our technicians trained before getting into character. As a result, our customers are provided with unsurpassed quality and high precision.

For instance, flame cutting is utilized for cutting application to achieve clean and precise results. We apply automatic pipe bender to produce seamless pips for hydraulic oil circuit, thus being free from leakage problems. In order to obtain nice finish and reduce welding cost, we use heavy duty bender to process steel sheets. Moreover, heavy duty boring machine is the predominant tool to process structural materials, resulting in amazing stable connection.