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Pulp Dewater Machine

The HPM-1600 pulp dewater machine, also known as pulp dewatering machine, is mainly applied to compress paper pulp and reduce moisture content to meet the paper manufacture requirement of being less than 40%.

This pulp drying machine comes in horizontal design and button control mode, offering simple and safe operation. The whole chamber, grapple and ejecting gate are all made up of stainless steel, so this pulp dewater machine offers stout structure and superior corruption resistance. Furthermore, belt conveyor can be added to this pulp dewatering machine to facilitate feeding.

Advantages of Pulp Dewatering Machine

1. Feeding chamber
Featuring outstanding resistance against abrasion and corruption, the feeding chamber of this pulp machine can work with belt conveyor to ensure fast and clean feeding.

2. Water outlet
Water outlet of this pulp dewatering machine also adopts stainless steel. Rigid structure is designed for fast water discharge and pulp protection.

3. Ejecting gate
The square ejecting gate makes the pulp dewater machine highly practical for keeping bales clean.

Specifications of Pulp Dewatering Machine

No. Content
1 Compression chamber size (L × W × H) 5400 × 1000 × 800mm
2 Feeding gate size (L × W) 1800 × 1000mm
3 Bale size (W × H) 1000 × 800mm
4 Bale dimension (L × W × H) 1100 × 760 × (up to 1400) mm
5 Moisture content reduction >=60%
6 Total power 37kW
7 Power supply 380V/3PH, 50Hz or customizable
8 System pressure 21.5MPa
9 Control mode Button control
10 Belt conveyor dimension Width 2200mm
Length 10150mm
Speed 2760m/min
11 Main motor Model Y250M-6 Quantity 1
Nominal speed 980rpm Power 37kW/50HP
12 Hydraulic pump Model 250YCY14-1B Quantity 1
Nominal output volume 250ml/r Nominal pressure 31.5MPa

After being processed by our pulp dewatering machine, moisture content can be decreased by over 60%. Clean bales are offered.


  • 1. Raw pulp with high moisture content
  • 2. Bale with low moisture content
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