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Waste Baler

As a waste baler manufacturer in China with over a decade experience, we have especially designed both vertical baler and horizontal baler for efficient waste disposal.

Our range of waste baler is a kind of cost-effective waste handling equipment for recyclable materials such as paper, plastics, straw, cardboard, cotton, gauze, cloth, wool, etc. Therefore, if you need performance and space saving plastic baler, cardboard baler, etc., then our waste baler is your premium choice.

Designed with safety and simplicity of use in mind, the waste baler is built for low noise operation and minimized maintenance. While reducing waste disposal cost, this waste processing equipment also reduces the impact on the environment and waste storage space.

If you need any further information, please don't hesitate to contact with one of our baling machine experts.

    1. Vertical Baler for Paper, Plastic and StrawThis recycling equipment is small in size, light in weight and low in noise. The installation of this waste compactor requires no anchorage. Pressing cylinder is connected with press head via spherical hinge, ensuring stable performance. In addition, low shock hydraulic circuit is also available.
    1. Vertical Baler for TextilesThis range of vertical baler is a very popular waste handling system in textile recycling industry. It is typically used for compacting textile materials such as cotton, gauze, cloth and wool, etc.
    1. Automatic Horizontal Baler This automatic waste baler is fitted with PLC (programmable logic controller) control mode coupling with touch screen and window monitor. Users are provided with operation illustration and error warning, as well as fast setting of bale length.
    1. Semi Automatic Horizontal BalerThat is, this range of baling equipment is also designed to serve as plastic baler, cardboard baler, etc. for compacting recyclable waste materials such as cartons, newspapers, plastic products including PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) bottles, and straw, etc.
    1. Pulp Dewater MachineThis pulp drying machine comes in horizontal design and button control mode, offering simple and safe operation. The whole chamber, grapple and ejecting gate are all made up of stainless steel, so this pulp dewater machine offers stout structure and superior corruption resistance.