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Metal Shredder Line

Metal shredder line is the customer-proven metal recycling solution for non-ferrous metal separation as well as screening of plastic, foam and rubber, etc. This metal cutting machine is built to smash waste into smaller size and get rid of any coatings, thus allowing for more profitable and complete utilization of scraps. Also, the metal shredder line can effectively avoid undesirable explosion when these processed scraps are put into electrical furnace; and solubility of metal is also promoted under certain circumstances. Therefore, our metal recycling machine offers superior charging.

Why Our Metal Shredder Line?
1. The metal shear ensures optimized utilization rate of scrap metal. Same amount of steel waste produces more molten steel.
2. Qualified charging keeps chemical components stable and heating uniform inside furnace.
3. Molten steel has reduced amount of phosphorus and sulfur.
4. The metal shredder line discharges higher density scrap metals, which decreases the feeding times of charging.
5. Excellent charging quality prolongs the lifespan of refractory panels inside the furnace.
6. Less air pollution, lower energy consumption and easier deployment are provided for smelting processes.

Key Components of Metal Shredder Line
This scrap metal processing equipment is mainly made up of the metal shredder, chain conveyor, and the magnetic drum separator.

1. The metal shredding machine adopts forged alloy for its main drive shaft and guard plate. The shaft is through flaw detection for ensured quality, and the surface of the plate is welded by abrasion resistant material. The main shaft is fitted with integrated bearing support for compacted structure.

Our metal shredding machine employs forced cooling device to bring down the working temperature in a quick manner. Hammers work in smashing and rolling modes to promote efficiency.

2. The chain conveyor for our metal shredder line is used for the transportation of materials. Featuring stout metal structure, this conveyor is driven by an electric motor and a reducer, thus offering nice and slow transporting speed.

3. The magnetic drum separator for this scrap handling equipment comes with amazing magnetic filed strength, resulting in preferable separation of wastes and metals.

Wide Applications of Metal Shredder Line
The crushing line is applicable for shredding of:
1. Complete car body or squashed car body excluding tires, gas, cylinder, engine and gear box
2. Tinplate
3. Household appliances excluding electric motor, compressor and axle type of product
4. Bicycle body and similar material
5. Empty tanks consisting of no liquids or paints, etc.
6. Other materials suitable for shredding

Specification of Metal Shredder Line

Model: PSX-400/450
Feeding gate width(mm) 1200
Main motor power(kW/HP) 400(535)
Production capacity(t/h) 6 to 10
Model: PSX-750
Feeding gate width(mm) 2200
Main motor power(kW/HP) 750(1000)
Production capacity(t/h) 15 to 20
Model: PSX-900
Feeding gate width(mm) 2200
Main motor power(kW/HP) 900(1200)
Production capacity(t/h) 20 to 30
Model: PSX-1200
Feeding gate width(mm) 2500
Main motor power(kW/HP) 1200(1600)
Production capacity(t/h) 25 to 40
Model: PSX-1500
Feeding gate width(mm) 2500
Main motor power(kW/HP) 1500(2000)
Production capacity(t/h) 40 to 50
Model: PSX-2000
Feeding gate width(mm) 2500
Main motor power(kW/HP) 2000
Production capacity (t/h) 50 to 60
Model: PSX-2250
Feeding gate width(mm) 2500
Main motor power(kW/HP) 2250(3000)
Production capacity(t/h) 60 to 80
Model: PSX-3000
Feeding gate width(mm) 2500(98104)
Main motor power(kW/HP) 3000(4000)
Production capacity(t/h) 80 to 100
Model: PSX-4500
Feeding gate width(mm) 2500(98104)
Main motor power(kW/HP) 4500(6000)
Production capacity(t/h) 100 to 160

Note: Optional dust cleaning system is available.

Comparison processed by our metal recycling machine

  • Before shredding
  • After shredding
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