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Scrap Shear

Backed by over a decade experience as a reliable metal recycling solutions provider, Gaode is able to supply a huge range of scrap shear to satisfy client-side small to medium capacity demands. We supply from portable scrap shear to heavy duty scrap metal shear, and these metal shredders are great cutting solutions for scrap metals, ferrous metals and non ferrous metals.

As a kind of commonly used metal recycling equipment, the scrap shear is often used before a scrap metal baler. It is typically used to cut and shred waste metals thus ensuring convenient feeding into scrap balers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information on any of our metal shearing machine.

    1. Heavy Duty Scrap Shear The Q91Y series heavy duty scrap shear is specially designed to cut all kinds of thin materials, steel waste generated through manufacture and daily life, as well as light metal structure. It can serve as stainless steel shear, aluminum shear, copper shear, etc.
    1. Container Type Scrap ShearContainer type scrap shear adopts integrated design. This enables this scrap shearing machine to be widely applicable to cut metal scrap for recycling. The processing capacity of single cycle is drastically promoted.
    1. Portable Scrap ShearThis range of sheet metal shear offers 63 tons of maximum shearing force, 600mm long blade and 9 to 16 cuts per minute. Therefore, this scrap shear is a well-suited metal recycling solution for scrap yards, car body plants and smelting factories. It cold cuts all shapes of steel and all kinds of metal structures into preferred feed materials, maximizing your profitable utilization of scrap.
    1. Alligator ShearIn addition, our alligator shear even cuts 16 times within one minute, thus extraordinary efficiency is enhanced. Furthermore, we utilize hydraulic cylinder to drive this scrap shear in a reliable and easy manner. Blade performance is promoted by overload protection.