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Portable Scrap Shear

Designed based on over a decade experience in scrap metal shears industry, our range of portable scrap shear has earned a reputation which is second to none in terms of mobility and easy operation.

This range of sheet metal shear offers 63 tons of maximum shearing force, 600mm long blade and 9 to 16 cuts per minute. Therefore, this scrap shear is a well-suited metal recycling solution for scrap yards, car body plants and smelting factories. It cold cuts all shapes of steel and all kinds of metal structures into preferred feed materials, maximizing your profitable utilization of scrap.

Advantages of Portable Scrap Shear

1. Blade length can be tailored to fit specific cutting needs.

2. Electrical cabinet and operation panel are mounted onto the body of the metal shearing machine. Therefore, this scrap shear is compact in structure, and offers outstanding logistics feature and bypasses the annoying short circuit problem caused by complex electrical system.

3. This scrap metal processing equipment adopts advanced hydraulic cylinder for compression, whereby faster cutting speed is delivered.

Specification of Portable Scrap Shear

Model: HC43-630
Max. shearing force(t) 63
Max. compressing force(t) 16
Blade length(mm) 600
Max. blade opening(mm) 280
Shearing speed(times/min) 9 to 16
Shearing capacity(mm) 30×30, Φ35
Total power(kW) 7.5
Operation mode Manual feed, single or continuous cycle


  • Before cutting
  • After cutting
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