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Scrap Baler

As a dedicated supplier of scrap metal recycling equipment, we have especially designed this range of scrap baler for use in steel factories, recycling enterprises and metallurgical plants for non-ferrous and ferrous metals. Both vertical baler and horizontal baler are available.

Our range of scrap baler is highly capable of compressing all kinds of metal scraps into an extensive variety of shapes such as rectangle, square and octagon, etc. To illustrate, the scrap baling press is applicable for recycling materials such as waste steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel and abandoned vehicles, etc.

Scrap Baler Features
1. Our scrap metal compactor is endowed with hydraulic drive. The control system is available in manual mode and PLC (programmable logic controller). Therefore, you are provided with minimum labor work.

2. This scrap baler comes with diverse ejecting systems to meet your very specific need. These systems include flipping type, pushing type covering side eject and front eject, as well as manual type such as utilizing electromagnet or personnel, etc.

3. There is no need of anchorages for installation of this scrap metal baler. Thanks to diesel engine driving system, it supports working in the places without power supply.

4. The size of compression chamber and the shape of bale are all customizable, so as to maximize the versatility of this baling machine. Furthermore, the extremely compacted bale delivers utmost recycling efficiency and drastically reduces cost.

    1. Trailer-mounted Scrap BalerOur trailer-mounted scrap baler is available in two types of power supplies which are electric motor and diesel engine. The diesel engine powered baling machine is extremely convenient for places providing no power.
    1. Push-Out Scrap Baling PressPush-out scrap baling press has been the safest way for metal scrap collection and recycling. Side ejecting mode is ideal for processing of bale in large size. This scrap baling machine is designed to produce bales between 300 × 300mm to 1100 × 600mm. Each of these bales comes in 1800kg/m3 of maximum density.
    1. Turn-Out Scrap Metal Baler This accommodating scrap compactor is capable of pressing all kinds of metal scraps into a wide variety of shapes such as rectangle, octagon and cylinder, etc. To illustrate, the scrap metal baler supports baling of steel shaving, waste steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel and abandoned vehicle, etc.
    1. Vertical Scrap Baling PressThis scrap baling press comes in vertical design, thus allowing for small floor space. With standard voltage of 380V, our vertical baler delivers exemplary power output and efficiency. Moreover, the baling machine can be designed with tailor-made operating voltage to meet your specific operating environment.
    1. Forward-Out Scrap Baling PressHowever, our well conceived forward-out style scrap baling press has pre-set bale length and height; the width varies with feeding amount. Furthermore, front ejecting mode provides the hydraulic metal baler with enhanced safety and durability.