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Forward-Out Scrap Baling Press

This scrap baling press is highly distinguished by its forward-out ejecting mode. Generally speaking, most baling machines are designed with pre-set bale width and height according to client-side demands. However, our well conceived forward-out style scrap baling press has pre-set bale length and height; the width varies with feeding amount. Furthermore, front ejecting mode provides the hydraulic metal baler with enhanced safety and durability.

Advantages of Forward-Out Style Scrap Baling Press
1. Prominent efficiency

Hydraulic drive is fully applied to this scrap baling press, offering outstanding efficiency. In addition, manual control and PLC (programmable logic controller) control mode are available for customers to choose from.

2. Simple in operation
Installation bypasses the need for anchorages. Thanks to the capacity of being powered by diesel engine, our robust scrap baler also works under the circumstance of electricity shortage.

3. Compacted structure
The scrap baling press is available as an integrated set. We utilize iron plate to maintain the connection between main motor and oil pump. Operation panel is next to oil tank. Therefore, users benefit from increased transport efficiency.

4. Numerous possibilities
This range of scrap handling equipment is available with a wide variety of configuration to deliver more customized user experience.

1. The forward-out scrap baling press is designed with the baling force of 1350kN.
2. The size of the compression chamber is 1300×600×600mm, enabling the bale size of 600×240mm.
3. 22kW power, including 160YCY14-1B pump
4. Forward-out discharging mode
5. The working pressure of the hydraulic system working pressure is 21.5MPa.

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