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Turn-Out Scrap Metal Baler

Turn-out scrap metal baler is the ideal industrial baler for those who want to manage the compression process in an efficient manner with limited costs. This accommodating scrap compactor is capable of pressing all kinds of metal scraps into a wide variety of shapes such as rectangle, octagon and cylinder, etc. To illustrate, the scrap metal baler supports baling of steel shaving, waste steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel and abandoned vehicle, etc.

This range of baling machine is available with a plate in front of the compression chamber. The plate is driven by hydraulic cylinder. When the scrap metal baler finishes compacting process, all other cylinders are back to stand-by condition, and this is the time that the cylinder for turning plate to flip bales out of the chamber.

Advantages of Turn-Out Style Scrap Metal Baler

1. Short single cycle time
Single cycle time is ranged from 120 to 160s, whereby drastically increasing working efficiency.

2. Easy-to-operate
No need of anchorage for installation. Moreover, this recycling equipment can be driven by diesel engine, thus being irrespective of electricity shortage.

3. Superior cooling system
Our scrap metal baler in endowed with amazing cooling effectiveness. Its cooling device draws oil off the oil tank to lower temperature when the baler machine is working. Then the cooled oil runs back to the tank, ensuring constantly stable performance and long service life.

4. Commonly used
Turn-out method is the most common way of bale ejecting. After being pressed into desirable shape, bales are flipped out of compression chamber. Therefore, this scrap metal baler is the combination of versatility and affordability.

1. The baling force of the turn-out scrap metal baler is from 100 ton to 500 ton and the productivity is from 4 to 40 ton per shift (8 hours).
2. All the product of HC81F series are turn-out baler.
3. Based on customer demand, the compression chamber size, bale size and the bale shape can be customized.
4. The hydraulic system for all machine types is controlled by manual valve or PLC.
5. This range of product is available in multiple models. The following is the detailed information for each model.

Nominal pushing force 1000kN
Compression chamber size(L×W×H) 1000×600×500mm
Bale size(W×H) 200×200
Cycle time 120s
Power 11kW
Nominal pushing force 1250kN
Compression chamber size(L×W×H) 1200×700×600mm
Bale size(W×H) 300×300
Cycle time 120s
Power 15kW
Nominal pushing force 1600kN
Compression chamber size(L×W×H) 1600×1000×800mm
Bale size(L×W×H) (400-600)×350×350, (400-600) ×400×400
Cycle time 150s
Power 22kW
Nominal pushing force 2000kN
Compression chamber size(L×W×H) 1600×1200×800mm
Bale size(W×H) 400×400
Cycle time 160s
Power 30kW or 37kW
Nominal pushing force 2500kN
Compression chamber size(L×W×H) 2000×1400×900mm
Bale size(W×H) 500×500
Cycle time 160s
Power 44kW
Nominal pushing force 3150kN
Compression chamber size(L×W×H) 2000×1400×1200mm
Bale size(W×H) 600×600
Cycle time 160s
Power 60kW
Nominal pushing force 4000kN
Compression chamber size(L×W×H) 2600×1750×1200mm
Bale size(L×W×H) (500-1000)×650×650
Cycle time 160s
Power 90kW
Nominal pushing force 5000kN
Compression chamber size(L×W×H) 5000×2000×1200mm
Bale size(L×W×H) (600-1100)×600×700
Cycle time 160s
Power 110kW

Note: Bale length is independent with the amount of feeding.

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