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New Scrap Metal Machines

Gaode is a China based manufacturer and supplier of scrap metal machines including scrap metal baler, scrap metal shear, and more. This page is constructed to show you our latest scrap metal machines, from shear baler, scrap baler, metal shredder to recycling crane. These machines are cost effectively solutions for scrap metal recycling, and they are often found in metal recyclers, steel plants, and more places.

    1. Shear Baler

      This metal recycling equipment has been proved to be ideal for initial compaction and shearing or direct baling of all kinds of industrial and household steel waste, light metal structure and all kinds of non-ferrous metals such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy and copper, etc.


    1. Trailer-mounted Scrap Baler

      Our trailer-mounted scrap baler is available in two types of power supplies which are electric motor and diesel engine. The diesel engine powered baling machine is extremely convenient for places providing no power.


    1. Container Type Scrap Shear

      Container type scrap shear adopts integrated design. This enables this scrap shearing machine to be widely applicable to cut metal scrap for recycling. The processing capacity of single cycle is drastically promoted.


    1. Heavy Duty Scrap Shear

      The Q91Y series heavy duty scrap shear is specially designed to cut all kinds of thin materials, steel waste generated through manufacture and daily life, as well as light metal structure. It can serve as stainless steel shear, aluminum shear, copper shear, etc.


    1. Recycling CraneThis range of bulk handling crane is widely applied to ports, steel factories, recycling yards and waste incineration plants, etc. Moreover, this recycling crane works perfectly with tower, operation room, ship unloader, overhead travelling crane and other hoists.