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Container Type Scrap Shear

Container type scrap shear adopts integrated design. This enables this scrap shearing machine to be widely applicable to cut metal scrap for recycling. The processing capacity of single cycle is drastically promoted. Moreover, the maximum shearing force of the scrap shear reaches 4000kN, thus cutting normal materials is not a problem.

Features of Container Style Scrap Shear
1. Metal scraps are all cut inside the chamber, so this range of scrap metal shear can effectively prevent operatives from being hurt by splashy materials.

2. The feeding chamber of this container type scrap shear is customizable to meet specific needs.

3. As an expert in scrap metal processing equipment, we can design this metal shredder with a wide variety of shearing force for selection.

4. This metal recycling equipment adopts either grapple or electromagnet for material feeding, thus users are benefiting from huge processing capacity of single cycle and superior efficiency.

Special Components of Container Type Scrap Shear

1. Electrical cabinet and air cooling equipment
These devices are installed on the frame of this container type scrap shear, thus delivering an amazing compact structure. In addition, this smart design also protects these components from being impacted.

2. Protection barrier
This metal net is applied to protect nearby operatives from the running sheet metal shear.

Specification of Container Type Scrap Shear

Model: CS-4000
Blade length 1600mm
Max. shearing force 4000kN
Max. shearing stroke 800mm
Max. compacting force 1500kN
Max. compacting stroke 700mm
Hydraulic system working pressure 25MPa
Stock feed height 640mm
Overall dimensions 5300×2200×2700mm
Electric Motor
Model Y250M-6
Quantity 2
Rated rotating speed 1470rpm
Power rating 37kW
Hydraulic Pump
Model 250YCY14-1B
Quantity 2
Rated output volume 250ml/r
Pressure rating 31.5MPa
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