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Shear Baler

Applications of Shear Baler
HBS shear baler is the optimal combination of a metal shear and a scrap metal baler. This metal recycling equipment has been proved to be ideal for initial compaction and shearing or direct baling of all kinds of industrial and household steel waste, light metal structure and all kinds of non-ferrous metals such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy and copper, etc.

Features of Shear Baler
1. Our baler shear features the special clamping method of compression, whereby the compression chamber comes in large room and opening. Therefore, this machine is the ideal shear baler for those who want to process large metal scraps. However, if you want specific size of feeding chamber, we are delighted to help.

2. We utilize hydraulic drive to actuate this shearing and baling machine. As compared with traditional mechanical driven machines, this shear baler driven by hydraulic delivers more stable working situation and easier operation.

3. Benefiting from 90° side compression device connected by hinges, the hydraulic baling press is available with extremely enhanced lateral pressure, resulting in optimal feeding.

4. This shear baler adopts combination of mechanics-electronics-hydraulics and PLC (programmable logic controller) control. Friendly user interface and remote control allow for pleasant experience.

5. Our shear baler can be powered by diesel engine, so your production process is free from being impacted by electricity shortage or insufficient supply, ensuring best productivity.

Special Components of Shear Baler

1. Air cooler
Thanks to forced air cooling effect with self circulation, the oil temperature can be constantly minimized to reduce damage to components and promote operating stability.

2. Side compression cylinder
The side compression cylinder for the shear baler is connected by hinge on the two ends. The movement of piston rod in cylinder actuates the clamping action of lid and side tensioning plates, so as to baling materials in feeding chamber. During the return travel of ram cylinder all tensioning plates open simultaneously for next feed.

3. Protection barrier
This steel net is to keep the running shear baler isolated from personnel nearby, ensuring maximum safety.


Model Max. shearing force (t) Feeding chamber size (L×W) (mm) Bale size (L×W) (mm) Capacity (tons/hr) Shearing speed (times/min) Total power (kW)
HBS-4000 400 5000 × 2000 750 × 500 4 to 10 3 to 5 110
HBS-5000 500 5000 × 2000 750 × 550 5.5 to 15 3 to 5 135
HBS-6000 600 6000 × 2000 800 × 650 8 to 18 3 to 5 180
HBS-12500 1250 7000 × 2500 930 × 860 10 to 25 3 to 5 360
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